Journey with a young thirteen-year-old boy as his life takes a dramatic change towards the end of his 7th grade school year.
He begins a twisted romantic relationship with his homeroom teacher, incredibly thru out seven states that last for a year and a half.
This is not your typical teacher and student relationship. She is married but no children and solely runs an organization after-school. 
That helps underprivileged gifted city students stay away from the negativity in their urban city, and encouraging them by doing fundraisers so they can take educational fun trips out of state. 

The kids sleep over at her house on weekends and everything seems very ordinary at first, even life-changing for all of the kids involved with the program.
        For parents working two jobs with not enough time for family, this teacher is an angel. The walk in the heavenly park suddenly turns into a field filled with mental landmines. Life changes when she takes the young boys virginity during a camping trip and he starts to battle emotions against her husband, as they both travel and begin to fall in love with each other.

       They make plans of running away and having a family together; she becomes his shoulder to cry on, his best friend, his lover and his everything but at the same time being a mother figure.
They have an age difference of 20 years, more insane are the mental land mines the young boy and the children are stepping on, not understanding how this can affect life later on.

The school begins to suspect after many rumors and extra suspicion from students and staff members. All hell breaks loose when the police are called and the relationship is investigated and the mental land minds begin to explode.